“It’s an unconventional horror-thriller that sets out to unnerve the viewer — and make them look over their shoulders to make sure they really are alone while watching it.”


“Djurovic has some scenes where he gets to act his heart out. And he does! Clearly Ivan Djurovic has the acting chops to pull off some intense scenes.”


“Ivan absolutely shines here in what is essentially a movie powerhouse performance, making what at first seemed like strange choices in his acting but when you get to the end you can see exactly what the character is about (Mission Accomplished).”


“Ivan Djurovic owns the film, as he’s the primary player who carries the bulk of the pic on his shoulders. And to his credit, he’s a pretty good performer.”


“Djurovic is really good as the lead, so It Watches leaves you in safe hands acting-wise.”


“Ivan Djurovic is incredible to watch as he keeps you guessing whether Andre is the victim of a sick joke or if he is in fact losing his mind.”


“Djurovic a stand out as Andre. His presence and versatility make him someone to watch for in the future; he is convincing the whole way through.”


“Until I saw It Watches, I had never heard of actor Ivan Djurovic. After watching it, he isn’t someone I am going to forget.”


“Djurovic, whose acting roles mostly consist of portraying the creatures in films like “Zoombies” and “Under the Bed”, is actually rather good in the lead role here, especially as he has to carry pretty much the whole film on his shoulders.”