The Dream

Ivan Djurovic Mini Bio.


Ivan Djurovic was born on October 20th 1986 in Des Plaines, Illinois son of Miroslav and Magda Djurovic. Both his parents migrated from Belgrade, Serbia in 1971. His older brother Marko and himself are first generation in the United States. He left home at the age of eighteen to follow his dream’s, he has had remarkable experiences and job’s until now which have made him the person he is today a jack of all trades. Hollywood gained his presence on October 28th 2006. It Watches was his first film he co-wrote, produced, and starred in. He also appeared on the long lasting series Days of Our Lives in early 2017. His first movie debut and major role ever was playing Eric Smith star of The LBC.


Shortly after working on the action thriller he got his first voice-over experience on 50CENT’s video game 50CENT: Blood on the Sand. He later went on to Co-star in the season finale of season seven of 24 starring Keifer Sutherland. Ivan is most well known as the Gorilla from the Gorilla Glue commercials. He began as a suit actor working on Animal Planet’s LOST TAPES in 2009 playing a Vampire creature and Big Foot but since then has gone on to do many other characters and creatures. This young talent is making a presence in Hollywood fast and we look forward to seeing what he gives us next.